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Gloves & Doves is the training camp for Tony Milch, a personal trainer at Gymbox Gym that specialises in boxing training. Tony asked me to design his logo and straight away I understood the ethos behind the name and came up with the Glove and Dove forming a circle like a ying and yang symbol. Tony wanted an identity that was friendly and

open to all and communicated the 'way of the peaceful warrior' as he says. Other fighter websites are very dark, serious with images of fighters looking like pros. Tony wanted to appeal to the average joe and didn't want the site or fighters to look intimidating or off putting to beginners. To help promote a friendly feeling I used a white page background.

I also used humour here and there plus traditional boxing colours of red, white and blue to give a patriotic feel. The site gives people the opportunity to become small celebrities by having their picture and profile posted on the site once they've fought in the ring. Hoodies and T-shirts with the Gloves and Doves branding is also available via the site for

those that simply train for the fitness benefits or for those that have yet to test themselves in the ring. Fighters also have the opportunity to become a featured fighter whereby a short 1 minute documentary style video is made about them and their journey to the ring. I also designed promotional material for the touchscreen displays in the Gym

itself. This took the form of a static image for Tony's profile picture and an animation for the video section. The animation used fast music and bold, fast paced animation to give a high energy feeling commensurate with training and the music was used to grab attention and make people warm to the brand by leaving a positive feeling. Business cards

and an array of poster designs were also produced to spread the word again all sharing design elements from the website to give that consistent look and feel. Tony is now aiming to train more fighters and build the brand to eventually stage his own fight night. Team G&D is here! Click the link below to view the full site.

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gloves and doves business card image
gloves and doves poster
gloves and doves t shirt design
gloves and doves promo video screenshot
gloves and doves promo video screenshot
gloves and doves promo video screenshot
gloves and doves promo video screenshot
gloves and doves promo video screenshot
gloves and doves promo video screenshot
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